Scream of one minute

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Scream of one minute

" other shore flower " Touch the chord lucidly and elegantly and sadly beautiful. It is helpless and sad, the shocking one declares publicly the true love that will not change even onto death to common people. It is said the floating fragrance of flowers has magic power, can open that memory for a long time covered with dust and can arouse that grieved old silent slice of bottom of heart, people are stepping on this flower and lead to the prison of the dark hell after dying.

Meet with him first time, the primary impression to him is not good, frivolous and arrogant, arrogant and conceited. The more precise one says, I have a kind of baffled frightened sense to him, feel he looks like and rolls the raging flames that will burn people at any time. He invited me for the first time, I forced him to go to spirit's city, because had no psychology of good opinion to haunt to him at that time, think that catches this very rare chance to do to him and turn over malicously, I had never expected, afford to frighten oneself in the end, whom trick does not park twitch, the sound is hoarse too finally. The way of short spirit's city, let me experience his looking after meticulously, then carve his holding me tightly, a righteous one in one's ear light to " don't afraid of, have me " in me ,Four simple words, have already let my dark peng be aroused in interest.

I works overtime in the night, he comes to meet me, through the setting off of the stars all over the sky, he takes me to play on a swing. His gentle pushing I on the swing, is telling the humorous joke that he thinks, his joke is very cold, but will make me unable to stifle a laugh each time. Back to too supernatural in laugh yet as me, lip of him bake face in I already. In the face of his burst of act, have filled my cheek awkwardly. The uncanny atmosphere has not brought any sign to let his love prolong to overflow all over the placely in my mind, this man has thorough heart which has occupied me, I can't refuse his enticement, his smile is like the flower that the broad-leaved epiphyllum bursts forth, indifferent to fame or gain hopeless dust, hover remotely in my mind, can not get rid of. I name him lovelily, belonged to my " lovely " from then on . Come and go, letting me have to be crazy about modestly and respectful and cautious, valiantly and heroically in bearing of him, we have become lovers soon. We do not have earth-shaken a solemn pledge of love, only love briefly.

At 3 o'clock before dawn, I am woken by the ear-piercing ring tones, the incoming telegram reveals it is him. It is drunk to well imagine to him, he goes against accepted conventions time by time. I even sometimes suspect whether will remember me when his supernatural quality is unclear, perhaps I am only his doll when being boring, think one's own sad thought rolls in, I make every effort, want, shake off chains that he love, I want, can't rescue love he that take again, but these have already become fearless struggle in front of love. Every nerve of the brain, the cells that every one beat are driving me, I have gone. He drinks dead drunkly this time, helplessly looking at his vomiting in the agony of the toilet, but I am at a loss what to do, I seem to hear him bitter in the unseen world, the one that told him crying is helpless. I choose to leave tonight The first time and man pillow altogether, he lie on my right, he sleep very heavy. The exquisite outline appears before my eyes dimly in that of his sleeps soundly so far, I rely on this man so, the works of god are like occupied. Cannot help kissing his lip, gather the chest which enters him, is listening to the heartbeat with rhythm, ask oneself dish mutter, hear your heart love me on earth in this way?

Later on later, mercilessness whose whom sympathy in he bring is only. He is taking another woman by hand in front of me with this both hands which belong to me of that pair of his cruelly, my heart is shouting loudly, the blood is flowing backwards, that sharp sharp knife of his wears and aches my heart, why can Israel is he so merciless? Have forcibly occupied my heart but choose to leave away heartlessly, the sky of the haze, cry for me immediately. I control the mood with terrible heart strongly, pretend not to mind, pretend to pass each other with him gracefully, even if the transient meeting the eye of expression in one's eyes, just have no language in looking. It is my only opportunity that the choice of the fragile helplessness flees from. Absurd thing, retaliate against, control I, let I reasonless humour do a lot of wrong things in front of him. When wanting to retrieve, the misunderstanding unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defence has already engulfed us, the ones that were left are only his cutting remarks to me. Who be can expect at that time I want, keep oneself only dignity only, it know how important it will be he to I, it is known I have moved the true feelings.

Hide and gaze at the habits and acquired characteristics that he has already become me in the petty and low and dark corner, I love him, but unable to leave him, knows for more than one year, but I can not find out all the time he disguises the secret behind the appearance apt to change, have warned oneself to forget many times, but unwilling to leave him. I am trying to go to ²t to solve his true feeling, but the result loses the people's will greatly, I think close to him, will be high the hindrance between each other will be far the distance, he is isolating my soaking in as electric current, it is really so remote that his love leaves me.

Often perfect in the dream, reality differs greatly exactly, the heart after waking up happily from the dream each time, the one left is dropping the pain of injury of entering the valley bottom abyss, I am really easy to fear in the face of this world sometimes. Love nobody can injury who,last oneselves awkward. He still loves me to cheat oneself, the cowardly one turns a own reason into the only comfort. Remember each sense of loss, seem his likeness of the deceased could untie my woeful expression only, think of and he beauty once, all miserable to become sweet, all smiled at and the tears were worth. This legendary venomous insect under him, heart-broken that I goes for him that the destiny of the previous existence is destined in this life.

In the sad eyes, spatter out the grieved and helpless tears at this moment, the fault in the face of him, compromise that my total energy is calm. I never for him fear that difficult, pale and wan and sallow has neither enmity nor repentance. No matter the slander is tormented, I believe the love can stand the penetrating of time, I do not mind what he becomes, what is done, I will not change all the time, I want that light in becoming him darkly, there are my requirements for him and tolerant there.

After after so many years past, I wish eagerly to take him by hand, another chest close to he, listen to his heartbeat at every moment, if it is " the eternity to die like this that second in a moment " ,Let my loyal and steadfast love not repentant become this section of most beautiful regrets while remembering.

---The sad eyes can cry again from then on, she want, take talisman, as a he, High pressure pumps Piston Pumps| Reciprocating Pumps| Metering Pumps long long agothe reticent one defends him, he is her only fetters in the heart Only care Accompany together forever.