insist on singly?

How long to insist on singly?

Lin Zhixuan's " single love song " will have satisfied and satisfied the baffled one under a certain state. Just in the coda of the music, iPhone Skina kind of unusual feeling rises suddenly in the abyss of the mind --Lonely or lonely, call pain. There are probably more and more persons of pain now. Development of the society, economic progress, the improvement of culture. The strange land flows more and more frequent. No matter just from the hopeful students graduating from university, or the outside decadent youth who had lived in seclusion in a certain city for a long time, in the coming street at night, is the figure hurriedly everywhere, is the lonely soul everywhere. Single, turn into a kind of state. The either voluntary or helpless moon in the face of the autumn of spring flower, the incomplete star in Japan is rare.
What is meant by the unmarried person? One ordinary definition very, reach certain age but without one's own lover people.
It is the outside population that the unmarried person has a big chunk. The city with developed economy, there is a kind of special appeal, have certain education, having left one's own hometown, in the city that makes noise, there is a job, the overwhelming majority rents the house son. Perhaps they had once had beautiful love, perhaps not have at all times. This part of unmarried persons, are mostly small middle classes, that is to say that can have earned certain income that can support the family, consume, there can also even be certain deposits. The crowd coming and going in the city is numerous, fate is an old vocabulary, moon in water of the love. Single basic reason that time, chance, crowd contacting it all influence the unmarried person to escape.
Other some unmarried persons may still live with parents, they are single, but the kindred can also be with the constantly warm mood. Late nine comes back, parents open the door for them, sit down, steaming hot meal, let the human body be less than puzzled and worries that the single life bring. Certainly, the warmth of this kind of kindred will have cruel side too: Parents sat nearby looking at them loved children, had pity on, sighed suddenly, they will ask, Pullersaunt Li next door introduces a very good person to you tomorrow, have a look? The unmarried person at this time, will feel suddenly meal became flat and insipid quickly.
Except few some unmarried person hold firmly, pass idea for all one's life alone, a most one harbour the illusion love expectation. In the bright-colored and bright street, it is in pairs and on intimate terms to see. Unmarried person can skim over one silk a low-spirited one disconsolate, but hold the head high perhaps in mind, move towards future --Because unmarried persons are all supercilious. The unmarried person has one's own social circles, there is the man that has women. But destined not to produce soul-stirring attraction between men and women. Everybody can be noisy, but have nothing to do with the love forever. When one is in the one's own space, the unmarried person will replace the impetuous idea in the characters or vision, in the graceful plot, realize a person's excellence.
After being over 25, mood of the unmarried person a bit more terrified things. In the unit, in the face of colleague's well-meaning inquiry: You do not have ? The calm and confident psychology can also keep while just beginning, it is long, will make and hate in the heart.Metal zipper Hate the colleague's good will, it is unable to be calm to hate one's own one at the same time. Then, in a certain chance, enter into an antiquated scene --Blindly date. That is really a well-meaning joke, the woman applies some foundation cream in front of the mirror stealthily, have thin lipstick, eye shadow affirm, have pearly-lustre result, because can so as to recover young posture like that; The man ties ties, the leather shoes have been already very bright, but has wiped again with the cloth, subconscious standing up, it's a pity, a little crooked. Have met, not so constrained and awkwardly silent as too much one. Everybody is the tacit familiarity. Can seldom have the final say on the spot --Have already to fall in love at first sight seemed weak. Thin departure, although has left the telephone number, has not sent again. Get back to one's own residence, open CD, find one's excellence much more comfortable than the meeting just now.
Either supercilious or cold and detached or helpless or expect, the unmarried person is unable to smile to see the life passes, at each night when is full of illusion, the music dissolves and enters soul to soar with the wings of night, ignorant and vivid.
How long to still insist on singly on earth?
This question does not have precise answer, will seem sad and helpless because of answering.
It is a good vocabulary to charge, the undertaking is a good pretext, fate is a wonderful explanation too. If you must question, then, the unmarried person will say with a smile, one day in the future, always last one day.
No matter by what kind of way lives, no matter is single or not, what we pursued is these two words forever: " happy " . Everybody have happiness in the sense, heart will sweet, this moment most fragile and tall and big a when most too. Often accompanied by the commitment quietly when can feel happy. Wish eagerly to forgive, dare to offer, how to do? The right to choose is in your hand.
Where is it happy? mp4 speakers Happy in our heart, happy in our smile
Friend, are you single now? Are you happy?

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brush the tongue

Often brush the tongue and can help you to defend halitosis

U.S.A. health24.com websites have articles that point out, the person of halitosis brushes tooth two times at least every day recently, brush the tongue at the same time, help to reduce the emergence of halitosis like this.

Under tongue root and tongue is all the hiding-place that the bacterium favors, and there are a lot of bacteria in the tongue fur, some are still the pathogen, besides being able to cause halitosis, is the immediate cause which initiates the oral cavity or periodontitis too, through the cleanness of the tooth brush hair, these bacteria can well be eliminated. Brushing the tongue should select the soft toothbrush with good elasticity for use, brush to the lip of the tongue for more than 10 times from the tongue root. Movement efforts should not be big, so as not to damage the tongue and organize. In addition, the inboard wall of oral cavity needs to carry on timing, appropriate cleanness too.

In addition, eat spicy food or drinking, coffee,etc. while having a dinner, will all cause halitosis, because bacteria can be bred in the food in a large amount, must gargle after having a dinner, prevent the food from remaining among the tooth. If is unable to gargle, can lighten the puzzlement that the smell remains in the mouth by method of drinking more water. Need to pay attention to, use the mouthwash to have certain results in preventing halitosis, but only valid in a short time, moreover, the mouthwash containing alcohol will make halitosis become more serious instead. If wear denture, it will be probably sources of the peculiar smell of oral cavity that should pay attention to them, wash the denture completely frequently, prevent the food residue storing up among them from initiating halitosis. Chew the peppermint or diet chewing gum, facilitate relieving the peculiar smell of oral cavity.

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