Walk in five kilometers

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Walk in five kilometers on and off duty well

Five walk what advantages does it have on and off duty?

First, can reduce the discharge of the car exhaust effectively, relieve the pollution of the atmosphere greatly. The investigation indicates, the motor vehicle exhaust of a lot of cities in the South has already become primary source of air pollution. The air pollution of Guangzhou, the exhaust of motor vehicle accounts for 22%. Always enjoy " The heaven in human world " The motor vehicle exhaust pollution index of Hangzhou of good reputation is comparable to Guangzhou. Nowadays the exhaust of motor vehicle pollutes 70% that have already accounted for the air pollution in Shenzhen, as the first batch of exemplary cities of environmental protection. Tens of thousands of motor vehicles, are polluting the air that we depended on for existence day by day, more and more urban people are making " The dust catcher " . In our country, the air pollution makes 50,000 people die young every year, 400,000 people are infected with chronic bronchitis.

Second, can reduce consumption and waste of energy and resource effectively. The materials reveal, the annual motor vehicle of our country can consume 85% of the total amount of domestic petroleum. It is estimated, in 2010, the car recoverable amount of our country will be over 56 million, gap of total amount of petroleum will be up to 2,500 billion tons. The construction land of highway of our country takes up a large number of land resources, the place has occupied the valuable location of the city too to park; Wash the car and waste a large number of water resources; Because factors such as structure and technology,etc. influence, the energy of bicycle, resource are consumed too high, cause and waste enormously.

Third, not only can reduce the emergence of pulmonary tuberculosis reduce the emergence of the traffic accident, but also can. The report of World Bank reveals, the morbidity of Chinese pulmonary tuberculosis has doubled than the past 30, because air pollution lead to the fact hospitalization cost increase, make (gross domestic product), GDP of China, 5% eat up. It is reported, hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents happen every year in our country, the number of casualties reaches more than 600,000, the direct economic losses reach hundreds of millions of yuan. Because the economic losses that traffic accident, traffic jam cause are difficult to estimate.

Fourth, five kilometers are not far, it is not long, the difficulty is not big, the intensity is not high, accord with the health care goal that the medical expert puts forward, have science and effectiveness. It is a most basic exercising way which can be carried on in any place any time to walk. American Dr. White advocates " Walk to every day Lack for an hour " . The Japanese doctor of medicine proposes big arrow: "It is most suitable to walk 10,000 steps as the minimum amount of exercise that people need every day. " Walk 10,000 steps to common people every day, there are certain difficulties. Must reach more than 6000 steps for the health. If walk 100 steps every minute, it is 6000 steps in an hour. Insist on the walking of 30- 60 minutes every day, can reduce 30%- 40% of the probability of suffering from the chronic disease.

The fifth, the form is lively, strong health, make the mood joyful, cultivate one's taste, improve life quality. Walking can run on foot greatly, run on foot small, go spraining, Imitation Jewelryit is high to lift the leg and leave, it cross legs leave, lift leg leave outside, after lift shank leave, kick walk, walk, go alternately on one's side alternately, leave the Eight Characters interior, leave, jump walk, retreat the Eight Characters other In addition, walk and bath in the warm sunshine on and off duty, is breathing the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery, step slim and graceful paces, leave on the clean road, how happy the mood is, how happy to feel

Six, build up body better body, temper one's willpower, the result is apparent. A middle school teacher of Huinan of Jilin, live in the countryside, should go to the school to turn over the mountain and cross the river, come and go to mountain path of more than ten kilometers. He regards walking fun on and off duty as, appreciates the beautiful scenery in four seasons while walking, has also taken exercises. He wrote in the article: "With the passage of time, go, come spring winter, 30 more than year, I have been never late. Walk, accompany all one's life such as I on and off duty, add up to 120,000 more than of journey, move round the earth amount to two half lap at least, I feel gratified, proud. "

In a word, walk and is all beneficial to individual, others, family, society, environment in five kilometers on and off duty. |
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The man inmature behavior

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The man is ten kinds of inmature behavior
1,See others turn on company make money company does not decide, do what resign, start an undertaking carelessly right away yet, the company drive first and then says, why do the business, still in planning, thought and was open company's money gurgled and flowed in just like running water.
2,More than 30, return undertaking have, blame Heaven and Earth, blame parents, blame party blame country blame the people. Not from looking for the reason on one's body by oneself. In fact social successful personages are all minority in any, it is normal that do not have achievement, just seek only to have nothing to be ashamed of my heart. The one that like complaint is the inmature behavior.
3,A lot of moustache, five short stature belly Nan is outstanding, the actor's headgear, the cricket shirt is worn, front Micky Mouse lays and wears the jeans, is facing toward the mirror and smooth out the hair once entering the lift, see the front desk calling the beauty, is facing toward a boss and call the handsome boy. One deep love form leisurely, does not have a chat about a few words pour out one's own injured " feeling history " right away in front of ripe beauty ,It is itching to cut one's own broken soul open, shed silent tears when getting worked up, did not think people knew his purpose. Meet little beauty lively and lovely getting yellow to laugh at constant, a complacent one brag " flirt competence first-class " .
4,See the single beauty above the average age for marriage and pursue, thought certainly one hated heart that marries in the household, can be in order to settle easily according to acting as by oneself. It knows very well to be beauty, hit light to pursue, spoil already, can waste time, it gets above the average age for marriage to be but also single, sight low obviously, usually can reduce slightly because of increasing at age, think oneself can pick up a cheap idea only the daydream.
5,Love one girl, regard her as, can't profane while being holy and pure like the angel, see she and other boys having a word and breaking out loudly on the jealousy. Too silly to know what should be done in front of her. Thought that could move the other side by the unreasoning passion all, refusing several times know whom angel of mind like finally actually have to chase after the girls it is and not would have . (The boy before 20 years old all have this kind of experience mostly, the inmature too one is lovely, if such an idea is then that the brain development is obtuse 25 years old)
6,Take a fancy to a set of suits at 200 yuan, glance right and left and still ask to a waiter: "Is this brand a famous brand? " Reach street little shop buy 5 piece of CDs, ask sell dish: "Is your video disc legal? "
7,MM that oneself likes is " The youth of literature " ,Unless it buy Chinese literature history at once " ", with " world literature history " the each mend malicously,think by this one can finding and languages commons of MM. Show off oneself in front of MM to Pushkin with the view inside the textbook, Yeats, Eliot deep in work " The opinion " . ( again, it is lovely that the boy before 20 years old has such behavior, for example recite in a of mandarin of Yancheng of his in front of the a boy of our university class attentive appearance girl " The jade of black pigment buries flowers " )
8,Platform Miss has a chat first late,Butterfly Brooches| regard young lady as and wander the pure love young girl of the travel fatigue unfortunately with hold, think oneself can save others on two things diametrically opposed to each other, hope, become one's own girl friend attentively after the Miss, pass on days of poverty with oneself. (Become the young lady, mostly only because gluttonous and lazy and greedy for money, ten sentences and nine and a half sentences are lies, that kind of novel has seen the man who holds impractical illusion more not having other words that can be described except naivety)
9,The wishful one thought that fairly cheek of little handsome boy pleasing to the eye could chase the big generally acknowledged beauty to rely on one piece of oneself, return the anger anger indignantly after being refused. In fact people always pursue the thing not one's own, the beauty generally has no interest to this kind of little empty handsome boy in the pocket. Women that the flower is silly are basically all dinosaurs.
10,Little and successful on the undertaking, the immensely proud one got rid of one's own woman to show off before, it think household can rob with head repentant the heartbroken,in fact woman the getting more soft-hearted generally, will come last man hearts lowers hard, it is basically that kindness gives up justice definitely, have not emotion at all. Tin Box Unless you get rich as Bill and Gates, the household will not not have something that regrets because of little achievement of this point of yours. Tin Box For Food


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