Sadly beautiful love online

Sadly beautiful love online

"You are silly! " At that time, said only.

As it is the time of anything that a lot of people are still asking about love online abruptly, a aspiration goes through the woman of the vigorous love of once and a aspiration and goes through man of the vigorous love once, but has finished that section of very sadly beautiful love online course of theirs through the network. What I said is she and on.

They are all persons in besieged city. She goes to work in a big city beautiful, and on, do business in a small mountain area county town.

"Hello! " "Hello! " "Have a chat? " "Have a chat! " It has been since these simplest dialogues, she and bright love that set foot on complicated life and death.

The first time, has had a chat for more than five hours, until the time after midnight. Later two people surf the Net to meet every day. At this time, have seemed to already forget one's own remaining half. In her view, this in front of the computer has unresistable magic power to oneself with person who talked by oneself, though open eyes and disappear, stretch out one's hand and does not touch, though wonder whether the other side is tall or short, general or ugly. The strength of penetrating of the language, it is much more better than the bullet perhaps.

In fact, she has looked for this kind of feeling for a long time, as she 's saying, are looking for a kind of feeling lost for a long time. And on, speak there more directly: Want to go through real vigorous love. This words, happen to be wide open in the true kernel in that shy essential outer cover of hers.

She has gone to the computer city to scan several own photos to issue only, has issued one's own photo in the computer to her right away too bright. The so ocular as to strengthen two people's faith even more of the photo, they have loved deeply.

Then it is one, two hour's telephone feelings every day that have a chat. She feels keenly this is another feeling, like stretching out a hand, will reach an apple wanted to eat soon.

She wanted to give showing an unexpected pleasant surprise on a sudden impulse suddenly this day - -She wants to go to see him in a situation that not talked about in advance to him.

After the mountain paths of three hours sat on the regular bus joltly, she came to that small county town. She dials the well-illuminated telephone. When knowing she comes to specially see him, on first sentence that says at the other end of the telephone is: "You are silly! " . She had a kind of shock cannot be described in the heart suddenly after listening to, she knew: He half pleasantly surprised, half blame, pleasant surprise to can see she, blame to it's time for her come light county town this, and should go to the big city to see her by him. This kind of shock, to her, is in fact a kind of happiness. "You are silly! You are silly! " He says.

Have looked for a beautiful excuse to the wife bright, has opened a room in a hotel secretly. At that night, two people and bed rest the head on altogether. "You are silly! " "For you, I wish! " "You are very silly! " "For you, I really wish! " Can shed tears only. "I must let you be my bride in city! " He says. This time, it is she that has moved and shed tears. True revealment of emotion always such perhaps.

She would go back to the city the next day. It will be the on birthday in the near future, two people agree on, she will come to the county town then, come with on on birthday.

On birthday reach, she comes to the county town as scheduled. Embrace each other tightly after meeting, all have one's face covered with tears. This is a natural tear, such a tear, some only flow once, and more persons, do not have for all one's life.

This time she has lived in that for three days. In front of the candle on the birthday, said to her bright: "At the birthday such as you, I go to the town to accompany you to pass! " "No, this that I will come. " "No way, I will go! " "You are a man, do your thing carefully, such a thing of doddering and chatting like an old woman let women do. " "No! You have come to see me twice, this time I must go to see you! " Can not break to him finally, she promises her on birthday, got everything ready in a place, wait for his arrival.

Birthday turning to her page by page at last in her happy agony of the calendar. Thing too more unusually skillful, husband of her happen, go on business outside can come backing that day, call in the remote place for her, happy birthday to her, shows that must fill the candle light on birthday after coming back for her. After she listens to, the nose is a little sour, there was a feeling of a kind of self-accusation suddenly, the tear would just come out soon. But difficult to forgetting so to bright aspiration. That day, she went out of the door early, selected a more satisfactory hotel, booked the room. In there, she together, spend the romantic one day and night and only.

She wants to buy a lot of food to take to the room. At eight thirty in the morning, having made a phone call to her bright, the thing should be dealt with saying him a bit, could arrive between one o'clock in the afternoon at twelve o'clock at noon. She finishes preparing all food at eleven o'clock, begins to wait for his arrival hoping.

But wait until one o'clock in the afternoon, do not arrive only yet, has not called for her either; She can not always put through in order to phone him many times. At this moment, she is worried. Will not he come? Thinking so, a bit sad.

At half past one, have not still come only, has not called either. fashionlife At this time, she stands up in a huff, comes to mirror, facing toward shouting by oneself: "You are silly! You are silly! " Claiming, the sad tear has flowed on Shua Shua, feel on it is the oldest faithless my darling in the world.

Before two o'clock, her mobile phone suddenly rang. She is hurry answering, but so disappointed, the incoming telegram reveals it is not a mobile phone number that showed. It was the only a good friend that showed who knows she and bright thing that spoke, that simple and honest male voice of his tells her: On when coming to the town, the traffic accident has happened, has died.

She does not believe one's own ears, as soon as black at the moment, lose consciousness. Wake up, it has already been the dark time of it. Though has not dreamt, she seems to make a long nightmare. She leaves the hotel, has let staggering a taxi go home. In front of the mirror at home, she examination oneself again and again, point to oneself say: "You are a evil spirit woman, you are a devil! " Sell, the mirror is paralysed on the ground with a crash.

She is fairly spoilt gentle hands are scratched by the glass, blood, flow to the centre of the palm of hand. Seeing one's own blood, he thinks of on bleeding. She is very clear in the heart, but for her, he will not meet accident; If they two do not know, he will not meet accident; If such as she but birthday, he can not meet accident; If ...... Oh,whose name is the too much if,this it is by what blood write since if, it is.

A few days later, her husband came back. How does it I wonder, she suddenly than before affectionate to him, have he, always say to him in the heart quietly: "You are silly, you are silly! " More, to hold her in the arms lustily in him, say how love how think what is she due to in the she she, except scold him in the heart quietly " you are silly, you are silly! " ,Tear can't help, produce socket of the eye always. And he ask when why it will be she, she have to lie: "You love me in this way, I am very moved. " And he, has really believed as fool. People, sometimes it is like this. Perhaps, this is life.

She is contradictory, love bright feeling, that, is difficult to forget all the time, though has on and already no longer living. Then in second year, on only on birthday, she bought much good food, come to that county town of mountain area joltly again, go before the bright tomb to confess, one had stayed for a lot of hours for three quietly. She sheds tears, has said a lot of words to him, a lot of ......

"You are silly! " How many times watched oneself attentively in front of the mirror, she read the words on before death silently.

One, it is very difficult to go through a kind of deep and eternal love, but her experience. She know whose fault is this on earth. Perhaps she is wrong, perhaps it is totally a fault of the network. But one point can be affirmed: Because there is an extraordinary secret in the heart, she from then on would not make half a lifetime easily.

"You are silly! " In to on one's deathbed, also can say to her like this while being bright her.
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