It is a starting point now

It is a starting point now Now

People just reached the middle age

I plant the wheat

Land of at yesterday I am own through turning over

The past has already gone over

This is a sundae

This is a sundae

My way of way ahead

Continue polishing my health Temper oneself through manual labour bone

Working has no song I cultivate flowers

I will train children carefully

The past has already gone over

I weed Hate my poor person encouraging me

Now It is a starting point heart

Arrive ownly in season of hour People just reached the middle age

The ones that should sow sow as soon as possible

I am sowing The child is at my side

The wheat is being sown newly on the ground

Born in the wheat of the country From now on

Hold the rainwater and sunshine in the arms

It is happy to hold in the arms

This is my wheat

Plant in this one newly on the ground

Shoulder the hoe and go out Way move the wider The higher the sky is, the bluer the sky is

Now I sweep around the house

I clean every dust on the window now

Let the dwelling lead to the field

Let child and lover live in such dwellings

This is my new dwelling on the ground

Dwelling in the wheat

The thin pancake is put in the cupboard The hay is piled up on the house beam

Push the window open and push the direction at the moment open

The distant place is the wind The distant place is a mountain even more


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afraid of being injured

All of us are afraid of being injured
Once racked one's brains and thought that arranged an appropriate topic for us four's story, however, think, find that it is a very difficult thing to remember. Perhaps, what I need even more is a cigarette lighted now. We always attempt to find some around similarly with the expression in one's eyes considered, wait until wanting to gather finally, the ones that expect simultaneously are all the same a word " know early it is a people having a common goal, we would not be so lonely " . Some people like anaesthetizing oneself with wine. Cry, smile. Can by forgetting about to make the excuse all in the next day, it is worried to dispense with. However, the greatest grief was originally, everybody was all drunk, I woke up alone. Has heard or seen far too much separation and reunion, and the same plot has deduced in our story, wait until, switch back, but find we have already lost it among this world. Just as stand in some place, pursue the passing figure, see it go far gradually, but powerless.

The story of us, already been cast aside in this world, it is not romantic, because it is a true story, to four protagonists in the story, that is but a section of stories with color like the strong legend, like a mythology, because everyone of us has not found time to catch.

Has had such a picture in the brain all the time, we four stop on a piece of bank of the river, there is not a bridge on the river surface, but we will pass by this river, the only method is to walk along the thin ice in the river surface, I, and lily melancholy to right away set foot on these layer of ice, the ice sends out the sound of bursting apart frequently, we afraid walk haltingly, advance carefully very, when go to, us, it is excessive to think cloud and pale behind for me to go back very, they stand in where it is, I have not spoken, turn over the head and continue going ahead.

Through the whole journey, that kind of difficulty of my unable speech, I feel what one's own every nerve is split open tightly, the blood trickling in the blood vessel has already become rash and hot, I thought, so long as can pass by this river, can forever together, but when I set foot on the other bank, find not behind empty, the tear has flowed quickly, I realized at last at the time of that, she is unable to accompany me to go to the end, even if all of us have firm hearts, but God like, concerned about, at our side, turn on, blow one joke for us often always.

I think to the other bank of river, the cloud stands silently there, as empty as me too by her, has left in vain, I do not know why, the cloud says to me, he has left, us four, only I stand in where it is never moving, she has smiled, I have seen her smile, but I know that has not included in this kind of smile being knowing, do not mostly give up and unwilling to believe. The smile is stiff, however, after all much better than I, lose, as to the person really loving it it is a change, it is the enough change will and thought the one one,we the unwilling in the face of,last oneself eyes of us, they have really walked. The cloud, or has cried.
This picture does not exist in reality, it is only my plot to four people, its result and reality but it is the same, the lily is forced leave by resistance, but I stand in the place that says good-bye, only have clouds left too opposite to me, has job-hopped in vain, has left the starting point of the love.

We four have never separated, has lingered on the peace and quiet street together, two pairs of lovers talk in professional jargon face-to-facely, together under the circumstances that the strong sunshine shine, take a walk hand in hand, a warm unrestrainedness, covered with skies of overcast crimes, we run at a fast pace, the sound of smiling at the purine of purine drifts back and forth, in the weather that that rainwater flashes, I stand in a small corner holding lilies, it is warm to give to her, perhaps, even if I will not feel either that there are heating parcels to use up the last silk temperature lily, but the lily is very satisfied, because the move which I mind, can make her happy, we are so happy. Because this sky belongs to us, belong to us four, it should be as long as the heaven and earth endure that we have made a vow in this sky, should lead to go down all the way with mutual hand each other forever, however, changed when we are in the face of the setback, it is scattered to condemn all of due happiness.

I can't bear the leaving of the lily, because we have love of two years, I am used to her existence, am used to holding her feeling every day, because is happy, have forgotten the distance between each other, it is not the distance between heart and heart, not the distance in the reality. But the one that concealed among the population at our side was not lined with, we have not always felt the bomb buried at one's side, , we become speechless because of astonishment when the bomb explode, the ones that have not found time to run yet and has already been bombed are black and blue all over, extremely unwilling unclamping the hands that is still held, set her free to leave away,

Gentle comfort oneself, she force, have the right to choose lily can interfere loss, here while facing relative and lover, the choice that more people make will be the same as lily, this kind of thought comes from the simple meaning in the brain, is the responsibility to relatives of parents for the family. I know, if really keep her, I can succeed in, provided that the lily will never be happy, the sense of guilt betrayed will make her unable to accept oneself. I do not want to take her happiness in all one's life and do stakes, then I went all out, see her leave silently.

Long long ago I said to the cloud, the love was a swirl, the possibility left that did not leave if step on, can falling into deep enter only, wait until some day past some, already late when you found this is a swirl, know, can at all melancholy to beat, enter either, I say these are because I do not want to see the cloud can not laugh, want, see cloud get, cry still more, I whether piece people that love tie down, degenerate for the love too, to leave me to be unable and forgotten, can think oneself very dull very dull accepting a person she, forget one, but I can accomplish, because I choose one can give me people for all one's life.

" Inform and give up " These two words are too heavy, I thought the cloud will accept my suggestion, what a pity, the cloud has cried, perhaps, she hopes to look for one to depend on, wants to look for a person liking it and accompany oneself, a spacious and warm harbour is for oneself to avoid the stormy waves, for cloud, it is unimportant that it is perfect whether he is, he that it is important has a sincere heart, no matter what is met difficult, will be in the offering support quietly behind oneself. Do not ask reciprocating. The cloud is very innocent, her idea is unrealistic too, everybody is unable to totally accomplish selfless this layer, pay it too and set up on the repayment more or less. No exception in vain, all of us are unable to accomplish this,

All refuse the white requirement clouds, has been thinking all the time whitely, will only lose, I am a lifelike example, just he has not seen, I get, lose too, lose, have something to be different, satisfy psychology, make me ache, forget still more still more, this white way is a kind of injury to the cloud, the cloud is a person who just entered into the society, all these she is the unable also with accident in the face of,because full of more she to the world by bright yearning, hardly realize, the disparity between reality and image is too great,

Cloud I treat me as brother, I and white good friend, walk I know, should go who does it help in the middle of they both, perhaps, more I will be inclined to the cloud, it is diligently to be white, but I do not understand why he walks, because the cloud say say good-bye? If so white and getting wrong really, all of us person that force, it says good-bye to be only result that force, that is untrue, does not say that say good-bye such as crossing the cloud, ones that waited for her are isolating, under the choice that can seen and can't seen, I think, most persons will choose to look from far away each other, it is really a kind of happiness to look at ...

This section of love, just like Shatian, we leave the deep footprint from passing by above, the seal is very clear, like what what we carved is caused and stubbornlied refuse to change is loved. The wind has blown, the seal is fuzzy, sentimentally attached to in though Shatian, can only watch such hiding melting to do warmly sad and drearily, it is the wind that has injured the seal, or has the seal injured Shatian? Who it is injured that who we are? Injure oneself, know such a final result obviously, persist in trying this love with transient scene after all, all injury stem from one's own heart.

We negligible, unable to change anything, perhaps, can laugh at, pick up wineglass when we see everything light, consider a cup of sake, go to hold a memorial ceremony for the love of the death, the raised angle has already been rubed so that vicissitudes have been towering by the wind and frost ,,Years when are stumbled already our love covered with dust too.

All of us are afraid of the person injured. So devotion with all strength, to each other, want, let, love, suffer setbacks. But. The love is a circle going round and beginning again. We have become the ant creeping constantly round this circle, is all afraid of being injured and being injured. Do not know until I today. Originally seemingly perfect thing all have a gap. When perceiving wait, but has already missed That section of love has already unable to come again We are always afraid of being injured, but stand in the place that is injured waiting   

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through by the wind

Rust mark blown through by the wind
The second weekend in October, I moved, this is that I got back to the third time of four years of Guangzhou. Come back from Chang An, cultivate the way, getting from Lin HeDong to Guangdong from sports center and large college of liberal arts of China, once, regardless of going out or taking exercises, it has been very convenient all the time; Nowadays, the sports wanted most become difficult, the soccer is discouraged, lie under the bed alone.

Find in a friend's districts where one stays, in the management office, I do not know what checked out is to " calculate carefully and budget strictly " inside Women of half an hour near,it know room halls whole, last I only most impression dark I: Rust!

In water halter is the rust, the lock door-hinges all get rusty, the kitchen is paid off and clean more than the hall, ground sweep but windowsill have a lot of cigarette butt (window turn on, happen to block the cigarette end of outer fringe) ,The friend says " Both woman's statures are good " ,A child with one and two or three years old, common people are always used to only seeing beautiful side, perhaps because I have a clean addiction more or less; I know, say also them this regard as one house (roam that kind that alien land rents) ,If yes, why is all rust mark, can only give somebody a kind of rotten high flavour.

At night, I spent more than one hour, used antiseptic, washed and cleared up once completely, I do not like the intensely dark space, can't accept rotten taste; Then, I have spent nearly one day, the old articles between two parties will come a piece of universe will be moved greatly, though the thing abandoning a lot of, these hectometres of ways, the stairs of 13 stories left more than ten times, nearly make me so tired that fall.

Classmate say please come on, carry honestly, I can see too; Though, compared with others, actually few valuable belongings, are all my possession, I to can let it in lost front helplessly. "Family is still rich, let we together hard "Seem, have pieces of song such.

The space becomes great quickly, narrower and more small than the original one, as if taken several hundred day and night in the dark hole in the ground, find in export of hole in the ground numb the same, some pleasant surprise and at a loss suddenly.

"Well, why suddenly move? " I do not really know how to answer this question of hers. At a lot of time, any decision, all ache and happy.

The wind in autumn is always very comfortable, while blowing the leaf and falling, blow the fruit of midsummer too ripely; Before it is finished that everything was not put in order, in disorder, the willful hair that hung down loosely after like the youthful young girl takes a shower.

Does the person of the management office ask me " how long you will live? "

How long can is it

How long is it

Before life is never the accident.

Only like wadding of wind in life, joyous and fragmentary too, sad and fragmentary too, make small duckweed of Lianjiang.

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Sadly beautiful love online

Sadly beautiful love online

"You are silly! " At that time, said only.

As it is the time of anything that a lot of people are still asking about love online abruptly, a aspiration goes through the woman of the vigorous love of once and a aspiration and goes through man of the vigorous love once, but has finished that section of very sadly beautiful love online course of theirs through the network. What I said is she and on.

They are all persons in besieged city. She goes to work in a big city beautiful, and on, do business in a small mountain area county town.

"Hello! " "Hello! " "Have a chat? " "Have a chat! " It has been since these simplest dialogues, she and bright love that set foot on complicated life and death.

The first time, has had a chat for more than five hours, until the time after midnight. Later two people surf the Net to meet every day. At this time, have seemed to already forget one's own remaining half. In her view, this in front of the computer has unresistable magic power to oneself with person who talked by oneself, though open eyes and disappear, stretch out one's hand and does not touch, though wonder whether the other side is tall or short, general or ugly. The strength of penetrating of the language, it is much more better than the bullet perhaps.

In fact, she has looked for this kind of feeling for a long time, as she 's saying, are looking for a kind of feeling lost for a long time. And on, speak there more directly: Want to go through real vigorous love. This words, happen to be wide open in the true kernel in that shy essential outer cover of hers.

She has gone to the computer city to scan several own photos to issue only, has issued one's own photo in the computer to her right away too bright. The so ocular as to strengthen two people's faith even more of the photo, they have loved deeply.

Then it is one, two hour's telephone feelings every day that have a chat. She feels keenly this is another feeling, like stretching out a hand, will reach an apple wanted to eat soon.

She wanted to give showing an unexpected pleasant surprise on a sudden impulse suddenly this day - -She wants to go to see him in a situation that not talked about in advance to him.

After the mountain paths of three hours sat on the regular bus joltly, she came to that small county town. She dials the well-illuminated telephone. When knowing she comes to specially see him, on first sentence that says at the other end of the telephone is: "You are silly! " . She had a kind of shock cannot be described in the heart suddenly after listening to, she knew: He half pleasantly surprised, half blame, pleasant surprise to can see she, blame to it's time for her come light county town this, and should go to the big city to see her by him. This kind of shock, to her, is in fact a kind of happiness. "You are silly! You are silly! " He says.

Have looked for a beautiful excuse to the wife bright, has opened a room in a hotel secretly. At that night, two people and bed rest the head on altogether. "You are silly! " "For you, I wish! " "You are very silly! " "For you, I really wish! " Can shed tears only. "I must let you be my bride in city! " He says. This time, it is she that has moved and shed tears. True revealment of emotion always such perhaps.

She would go back to the city the next day. It will be the on birthday in the near future, two people agree on, she will come to the county town then, come with on on birthday.

On birthday reach, she comes to the county town as scheduled. Embrace each other tightly after meeting, all have one's face covered with tears. This is a natural tear, such a tear, some only flow once, and more persons, do not have for all one's life.

This time she has lived in that for three days. In front of the candle on the birthday, said to her bright: "At the birthday such as you, I go to the town to accompany you to pass! " "No, this that I will come. " "No way, I will go! " "You are a man, do your thing carefully, such a thing of doddering and chatting like an old woman let women do. " "No! You have come to see me twice, this time I must go to see you! " Can not break to him finally, she promises her on birthday, got everything ready in a place, wait for his arrival.

Birthday turning to her page by page at last in her happy agony of the calendar. Thing too more unusually skillful, husband of her happen, go on business outside can come backing that day, call in the remote place for her, happy birthday to her, shows that must fill the candle light on birthday after coming back for her. After she listens to, the nose is a little sour, there was a feeling of a kind of self-accusation suddenly, the tear would just come out soon. But difficult to forgetting so to bright aspiration. That day, she went out of the door early, selected a more satisfactory hotel, booked the room. In there, she together, spend the romantic one day and night and only.

She wants to buy a lot of food to take to the room. At eight thirty in the morning, having made a phone call to her bright, the thing should be dealt with saying him a bit, could arrive between one o'clock in the afternoon at twelve o'clock at noon. She finishes preparing all food at eleven o'clock, begins to wait for his arrival hoping.

But wait until one o'clock in the afternoon, do not arrive only yet, has not called for her either; She can not always put through in order to phone him many times. At this moment, she is worried. Will not he come? Thinking so, a bit sad.

At half past one, have not still come only, has not called either. fashionlife At this time, she stands up in a huff, comes to mirror, facing toward shouting by oneself: "You are silly! You are silly! " Claiming, the sad tear has flowed on Shua Shua, feel on it is the oldest faithless my darling in the world.

Before two o'clock, her mobile phone suddenly rang. She is hurry answering, but so disappointed, the incoming telegram reveals it is not a mobile phone number that showed. It was the only a good friend that showed who knows she and bright thing that spoke, that simple and honest male voice of his tells her: On when coming to the town, the traffic accident has happened, has died.

She does not believe one's own ears, as soon as black at the moment, lose consciousness. Wake up, it has already been the dark time of it. Though has not dreamt, she seems to make a long nightmare. She leaves the hotel, has let staggering a taxi go home. In front of the mirror at home, she examination oneself again and again, point to oneself say: "You are a evil spirit woman, you are a devil! " Sell, the mirror is paralysed on the ground with a crash.

She is fairly spoilt gentle hands are scratched by the glass, blood, flow to the centre of the palm of hand. Seeing one's own blood, he thinks of on bleeding. She is very clear in the heart, but for her, he will not meet accident; If they two do not know, he will not meet accident; If such as she but birthday, he can not meet accident; If ...... Oh,whose name is the too much if,this it is by what blood write since if, it is.

A few days later, her husband came back. How does it I wonder, she suddenly than before affectionate to him, have he, always say to him in the heart quietly: "You are silly, you are silly! " More, to hold her in the arms lustily in him, say how love how think what is she due to in the she she, except scold him in the heart quietly " you are silly, you are silly! " ,Tear can't help, produce socket of the eye always. And he ask when why it will be she, she have to lie: "You love me in this way, I am very moved. " And he, has really believed as fool. People, sometimes it is like this. Perhaps, this is life.

She is contradictory, love bright feeling, that, is difficult to forget all the time, though has on and already no longer living. Then in second year, on only on birthday, she bought much good food, come to that county town of mountain area joltly again, go before the bright tomb to confess, one had stayed for a lot of hours for three quietly. She sheds tears, has said a lot of words to him, a lot of ......

"You are silly! " How many times watched oneself attentively in front of the mirror, she read the words on before death silently.

One, it is very difficult to go through a kind of deep and eternal love, but her experience. She know whose fault is this on earth. Perhaps she is wrong, perhaps it is totally a fault of the network. But one point can be affirmed: Because there is an extraordinary secret in the heart, she from then on would not make half a lifetime easily.

"You are silly! " In to on one's deathbed, also can say to her like this while being bright her.
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Scream of one minute

Frontline Tick, Pet Shop, Frontline Cat, Flea Medication, Flea Remedies

Scream of one minute

" other shore flower " Touch the chord lucidly and elegantly and sadly beautiful. It is helpless and sad, the shocking one declares publicly the true love that will not change even onto death to common people. It is said the floating fragrance of flowers has magic power, can open that memory for a long time covered with dust and can arouse that grieved old silent slice of bottom of heart, people are stepping on this flower and lead to the prison of the dark hell after dying.

Meet with him first time, the primary impression to him is not good, frivolous and arrogant, arrogant and conceited. The more precise one says, I have a kind of baffled frightened sense to him, feel he looks like and rolls the raging flames that will burn people at any time. He invited me for the first time, I forced him to go to spirit's city, because had no psychology of good opinion to haunt to him at that time, think that catches this very rare chance to do to him and turn over malicously, I had never expected, afford to frighten oneself in the end, whom trick does not park twitch, the sound is hoarse too finally. The way of short spirit's city, let me experience his looking after meticulously, then carve his holding me tightly, a righteous one in one's ear light to " don't afraid of, have me " in me ,Four simple words, have already let my dark peng be aroused in interest.

I works overtime in the night, he comes to meet me, through the setting off of the stars all over the sky, he takes me to play on a swing. His gentle pushing I on the swing, is telling the humorous joke that he thinks, his joke is very cold, but will make me unable to stifle a laugh each time. Back to too supernatural in laugh yet as me, lip of him bake face in I already. In the face of his burst of act, have filled my cheek awkwardly. The uncanny atmosphere has not brought any sign to let his love prolong to overflow all over the placely in my mind, this man has thorough heart which has occupied me, I can't refuse his enticement, his smile is like the flower that the broad-leaved epiphyllum bursts forth, indifferent to fame or gain hopeless dust, hover remotely in my mind, can not get rid of. I name him lovelily, belonged to my " lovely " from then on . Come and go, letting me have to be crazy about modestly and respectful and cautious, valiantly and heroically in bearing of him, we have become lovers soon. We do not have earth-shaken a solemn pledge of love, only love briefly.

At 3 o'clock before dawn, I am woken by the ear-piercing ring tones, the incoming telegram reveals it is him. It is drunk to well imagine to him, he goes against accepted conventions time by time. I even sometimes suspect whether will remember me when his supernatural quality is unclear, perhaps I am only his doll when being boring, think one's own sad thought rolls in, I make every effort, want, shake off chains that he love, I want, can't rescue love he that take again, but these have already become fearless struggle in front of love. Every nerve of the brain, the cells that every one beat are driving me, I have gone. He drinks dead drunkly this time, helplessly looking at his vomiting in the agony of the toilet, but I am at a loss what to do, I seem to hear him bitter in the unseen world, the one that told him crying is helpless. I choose to leave tonight The first time and man pillow altogether, he lie on my right, he sleep very heavy. The exquisite outline appears before my eyes dimly in that of his sleeps soundly so far, I rely on this man so, the works of god are like occupied. Cannot help kissing his lip, gather the chest which enters him, is listening to the heartbeat with rhythm, ask oneself dish mutter, hear your heart love me on earth in this way?

Later on later, mercilessness whose whom sympathy in he bring is only. He is taking another woman by hand in front of me with this both hands which belong to me of that pair of his cruelly, my heart is shouting loudly, the blood is flowing backwards, that sharp sharp knife of his wears and aches my heart, why can Israel is he so merciless? Have forcibly occupied my heart but choose to leave away heartlessly, the sky of the haze, cry for me immediately. I control the mood with terrible heart strongly, pretend not to mind, pretend to pass each other with him gracefully, even if the transient meeting the eye of expression in one's eyes, just have no language in looking. It is my only opportunity that the choice of the fragile helplessness flees from. Absurd thing, retaliate against, control I, let I reasonless humour do a lot of wrong things in front of him. When wanting to retrieve, the misunderstanding unable to give a convincing explanation for self-defence has already engulfed us, the ones that were left are only his cutting remarks to me. Who be can expect at that time I want, keep oneself only dignity only, it know how important it will be he to I, it is known I have moved the true feelings.

Hide and gaze at the habits and acquired characteristics that he has already become me in the petty and low and dark corner, I love him, but unable to leave him, knows for more than one year, but I can not find out all the time he disguises the secret behind the appearance apt to change, have warned oneself to forget many times, but unwilling to leave him. I am trying to go to ²t to solve his true feeling, but the result loses the people's will greatly, I think close to him, will be high the hindrance between each other will be far the distance, he is isolating my soaking in as electric current, it is really so remote that his love leaves me.

Often perfect in the dream, reality differs greatly exactly, the heart after waking up happily from the dream each time, the one left is dropping the pain of injury of entering the valley bottom abyss, I am really easy to fear in the face of this world sometimes. Love nobody can injury who,last oneselves awkward. He still loves me to cheat oneself, the cowardly one turns a own reason into the only comfort. Remember each sense of loss, seem his likeness of the deceased could untie my woeful expression only, think of and he beauty once, all miserable to become sweet, all smiled at and the tears were worth. This legendary venomous insect under him, heart-broken that I goes for him that the destiny of the previous existence is destined in this life.

In the sad eyes, spatter out the grieved and helpless tears at this moment, the fault in the face of him, compromise that my total energy is calm. I never for him fear that difficult, pale and wan and sallow has neither enmity nor repentance. No matter the slander is tormented, I believe the love can stand the penetrating of time, I do not mind what he becomes, what is done, I will not change all the time, I want that light in becoming him darkly, there are my requirements for him and tolerant there.

After after so many years past, I wish eagerly to take him by hand, another chest close to he, listen to his heartbeat at every moment, if it is " the eternity to die like this that second in a moment " ,Let my loyal and steadfast love not repentant become this section of most beautiful regrets while remembering.

---The sad eyes can cry again from then on, she want, take talisman, as a he, High pressure pumps Piston Pumps| Reciprocating Pumps| Metering Pumps long long agothe reticent one defends him, he is her only fetters in the heart Only care Accompany together forever.   

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Hold your remaining half

Hold your remaining half

Everybody is seeking one's own remaining half conscientiously, earnest and persistent.

You have not considered: Let image of appearance hoodwink but bright eyes draw the other side's hand by mistake muddleheaded, vast and hazy for the moment to rush in the red light of the marriage by mistake? Get into enter emotion strange circle for hidden purpose, oneself plant the unspeakable bitter pill?

Having considered, please tell friends, because the friend has proposed: Men and women were integrative hypothesises originally.

He says God has split people into two, it is ladies and gentlemen. They look for the remaining half for oneself ceaselessly since borning. And think dogmatically the remaining half are my defect, because make he (she) one's own Have taken away cruelly. So, are destined he (she) Seek the person that that marriage drew a circle to approve painfully.

The marriage drawn a circle to approve is a cup, it is a whole that the articles that couple each hand hold stand up jointly. When they delivered inwards separately, it was just a round to grip the notch shut, the close chink without any lets someone occupy the space which belongs to them.

In this room, two people's advantages can't be too much, too many their rounds affirm deformation become oval, have gone beyond the endurance of the cup greatly.

Two people's shortcomings can't be too much either, otherwise their round is a square or rectangle. Put in the cup, there are too many vacant places, can hold filthy, misunderstand and the mixture in a horrible mess.

In a word, the advantage of one party is exactly the other side's shortcoming, or the strong point of the other side is exactly a weakness of the one's own side, after the complementation, help an intact individual, can hold each other. The so-called like being folk one: " the brave man does not have good wife, Lai Han is married the spray " Reason. This metaphor is very apt, it seems to annotate the secret with really happy marriage.

The secret is whether you accord with the whole with the remaining half, it couldn't be clearer for you who are wise and farsighted. As if it only knows so simple a reason oneself whether the shoes insert the foot.

A most difficult one live, when being happy, but does not know to treasure you, illusion and that can not formate the round, can't enter the person of the cup again, demonstrate the tragedy of life together.

So tragic destiny does not depend on you, who can you blame another half ones that can not hold you?Tin Box Dvd Box Wholesale Tin Containers Cd Box Supplier Leather Handbag Leather Handbag ManufacturerFashion Handbag ManufacturerPet CarrierLeather handbagsFlash Drive| Flash Card| Memory Module| Memory Card| USB Drive|MP3 Player SUB Contracting   

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Chinese's eating habit

Chinese's eating habit has 9 great defects

The comprehensive domestic and international nutritionist's opinion, the following nine major shortcomings exist mainly in the diet custom of our country, need to bring everybody's attention:

1.Most of Chinese eat it over-saltily. The statistics show, it is more than 10 grams every day that national people eat the salt amount, among them it is the highest with the Northeastener, up to 18 grams. And World Health Organization proposes controlling the salt in under 5 grams of every day. Eat the over-salty morbidity that will obviously increase diseases such as hypertension, gastric carcinoma,etc..

2.Chinese eat too much gourmet powder, has increased intaking amount to the sodium of the human body, and the sodium element is harmful to human body. Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assembly

So take soup dish it waits for to be should until chicken precise, mushroom precise to replace the gourmet powder.

3.Ways are to have meal collectively that the Chinese one has a meal, like inserting dishes each other, this has increased infection probability of disease.

4.Chinese like eating animal's viscera. Contain more cholesterol in animal's viscera, and cholesterol brings out and aggravates the important factor of atherosclerosis.

5.Chinese's cooking adopt more methods of frying, frying, cooking, bombing etc., like eating stir-fry and fried food, this has increased chance to suffer from cancer.

6.Chinese like eating the red meat (pig, ox, mutton) high in fat content ,Eat the plain boiled pork (fish and chicken,etc.) Proportion relatively little. The proportions of eating plain boiled pork of Chinese increase year by year in recent years, this is a good phenomenon. Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers| Smt Electronic Manufacturing|

7.The persons of a lot of areas like eating salted fish, bacon, salted vegetables,etc. and pickling the food in China, this has not merely increased the intaking amount of the salt, and because contain more inferior nitrate while pickling the food, have also increased the chance to suffer from cancer.

8.Chinese like eating various steamed meat. Cortex Cinnamomi, octagonal that but adds while manufacturing the steamed meat (aniseed) , not only the sex is warm and dry for spices such as the fennel, cloves, Chinese prickly ash, apt to let people get angry, and it is plain to contain a certain amount of yellow camphor tree among them, there is certain luring changing the sex and toxicity, it is apt to be carcinogenesis. So, suffering from to the cold, fever, inflammation disease and chronic liver patient should eat little steamed meat. Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services|
9.It is the host to entertain that Chinese like putting the feast greatly. People get used to drinking a large amount of Chinese liquor on the feast, or eat and drink immoderately, or the tobacco and wine comes at the same time, bad custom that some areas still distribute food among the guests. These habits not only cause the waste, but also extremely unfavorable to the health, easy kindling. China Electronic Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturer|   

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how the skillful ornamental

Teach you how the skillful ornamental own small balcony make it pleasant to the eye and of use!
Nearly there are a few balconies, different houses in the each household in the building house now, there is width, of different size in although the balcony, it is a lot to beautify the balcony, fully utilize the function of the balcony. The balcony is the extension of the indoor building, and indoor space and transition of outside space, it is the occupant that breathes the fresh air, airs and shines the clothes, puts the place cultivated in a pot. In addition, find a room for some simple and easy, light body-building apparatuses on the balcony, can also be regarded as and built up body the place of entertainment.

If the balcony is close to the kitchen, build one and store the thing cupboard in the corner of the usable balcony, deposit some vegetables food or article not often used. The balcony available for rest, food and beverage, can also put a small amount of folding furniture.

Some flowers potted landscapes are put on the balcony relying mainly on recreation function, is favorable to the health, can also plant some and climb the rattan plant, the rattan climbs the balcony by summer, overflowing with vigor, make people completely relaxed and happy.
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Except that green plants, flowers,etc. can play the function of the ornamental balcony, the wall of side of balcony, ground are a ornamental focal point that is beautified too. For example, can be by hanging and putting the ceramic hanging rich in the ornamental sophisticated appeal, hanging ornaments such as one,etc. on the side wall neatly causing, some partition walls can also be made into the form of the shelf conversant with ancient learning, for putting the ornamental implements. On the smooth and plain wall, the ones that can also hang and put making of firewood, grass, reed, brown, rough material weave things. The ground of the balcony can utilize the old carpet or other materials to pave the decorations, in order to add the comfort when walking.

For prevent season sunshine from to shine midsummer, can utilize solid fabrics make, sunshade covering, sunshade the covering not only has ornamental function, but also can shelter from the trials and hardship. Sunshade covering can also make with bamboo screen or curtain, curtain, can make into upper and lower scrolling or scalable one, in order to regulate the area, position and angle that the sunshine shines according to the need. Can make the room of one side of balcony and avoid strong taking the picture and shining at the same time, the comfort environment forming the office work, having a rest.

Need to pay attention to, each square meter of strength of bearing the weight of of the balcony baseplate is 200- 250 kilograms, if the articles piled up exceed the bearing capacity of designing, will reduce the degree of safety.

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Walk in five kilometers

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Walk in five kilometers on and off duty well

Five walk what advantages does it have on and off duty?

First, can reduce the discharge of the car exhaust effectively, relieve the pollution of the atmosphere greatly. The investigation indicates, the motor vehicle exhaust of a lot of cities in the South has already become primary source of air pollution. The air pollution of Guangzhou, the exhaust of motor vehicle accounts for 22%. Always enjoy " The heaven in human world " The motor vehicle exhaust pollution index of Hangzhou of good reputation is comparable to Guangzhou. Nowadays the exhaust of motor vehicle pollutes 70% that have already accounted for the air pollution in Shenzhen, as the first batch of exemplary cities of environmental protection. Tens of thousands of motor vehicles, are polluting the air that we depended on for existence day by day, more and more urban people are making " The dust catcher " . In our country, the air pollution makes 50,000 people die young every year, 400,000 people are infected with chronic bronchitis.

Second, can reduce consumption and waste of energy and resource effectively. The materials reveal, the annual motor vehicle of our country can consume 85% of the total amount of domestic petroleum. It is estimated, in 2010, the car recoverable amount of our country will be over 56 million, gap of total amount of petroleum will be up to 2,500 billion tons. The construction land of highway of our country takes up a large number of land resources, the place has occupied the valuable location of the city too to park; Wash the car and waste a large number of water resources; Because factors such as structure and technology,etc. influence, the energy of bicycle, resource are consumed too high, cause and waste enormously.

Third, not only can reduce the emergence of pulmonary tuberculosis reduce the emergence of the traffic accident, but also can. The report of World Bank reveals, the morbidity of Chinese pulmonary tuberculosis has doubled than the past 30, because air pollution lead to the fact hospitalization cost increase, make (gross domestic product), GDP of China, 5% eat up. It is reported, hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents happen every year in our country, the number of casualties reaches more than 600,000, the direct economic losses reach hundreds of millions of yuan. Because the economic losses that traffic accident, traffic jam cause are difficult to estimate.

Fourth, five kilometers are not far, it is not long, the difficulty is not big, the intensity is not high, accord with the health care goal that the medical expert puts forward, have science and effectiveness. It is a most basic exercising way which can be carried on in any place any time to walk. American Dr. White advocates " Walk to every day Lack for an hour " . The Japanese doctor of medicine proposes big arrow: "It is most suitable to walk 10,000 steps as the minimum amount of exercise that people need every day. " Walk 10,000 steps to common people every day, there are certain difficulties. Must reach more than 6000 steps for the health. If walk 100 steps every minute, it is 6000 steps in an hour. Insist on the walking of 30- 60 minutes every day, can reduce 30%- 40% of the probability of suffering from the chronic disease.

The fifth, the form is lively, strong health, make the mood joyful, cultivate one's taste, improve life quality. Walking can run on foot greatly, run on foot small, go spraining, Imitation Jewelryit is high to lift the leg and leave, it cross legs leave, lift leg leave outside, after lift shank leave, kick walk, walk, go alternately on one's side alternately, leave the Eight Characters interior, leave, jump walk, retreat the Eight Characters other In addition, walk and bath in the warm sunshine on and off duty, is breathing the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery, step slim and graceful paces, leave on the clean road, how happy the mood is, how happy to feel

Six, build up body better body, temper one's willpower, the result is apparent. A middle school teacher of Huinan of Jilin, live in the countryside, should go to the school to turn over the mountain and cross the river, come and go to mountain path of more than ten kilometers. He regards walking fun on and off duty as, appreciates the beautiful scenery in four seasons while walking, has also taken exercises. He wrote in the article: "With the passage of time, go, come spring winter, 30 more than year, I have been never late. Walk, accompany all one's life such as I on and off duty, add up to 120,000 more than of journey, move round the earth amount to two half lap at least, I feel gratified, proud. "

In a word, walk and is all beneficial to individual, others, family, society, environment in five kilometers on and off duty. |
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The man inmature behavior

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The man is ten kinds of inmature behavior
1,See others turn on company make money company does not decide, do what resign, start an undertaking carelessly right away yet, the company drive first and then says, why do the business, still in planning, thought and was open company's money gurgled and flowed in just like running water.
2,More than 30, return undertaking have, blame Heaven and Earth, blame parents, blame party blame country blame the people. Not from looking for the reason on one's body by oneself. In fact social successful personages are all minority in any, it is normal that do not have achievement, just seek only to have nothing to be ashamed of my heart. The one that like complaint is the inmature behavior.
3,A lot of moustache, five short stature belly Nan is outstanding, the actor's headgear, the cricket shirt is worn, front Micky Mouse lays and wears the jeans, is facing toward the mirror and smooth out the hair once entering the lift, see the front desk calling the beauty, is facing toward a boss and call the handsome boy. One deep love form leisurely, does not have a chat about a few words pour out one's own injured " feeling history " right away in front of ripe beauty ,It is itching to cut one's own broken soul open, shed silent tears when getting worked up, did not think people knew his purpose. Meet little beauty lively and lovely getting yellow to laugh at constant, a complacent one brag " flirt competence first-class " .
4,See the single beauty above the average age for marriage and pursue, thought certainly one hated heart that marries in the household, can be in order to settle easily according to acting as by oneself. It knows very well to be beauty, hit light to pursue, spoil already, can waste time, it gets above the average age for marriage to be but also single, sight low obviously, usually can reduce slightly because of increasing at age, think oneself can pick up a cheap idea only the daydream.
5,Love one girl, regard her as, can't profane while being holy and pure like the angel, see she and other boys having a word and breaking out loudly on the jealousy. Too silly to know what should be done in front of her. Thought that could move the other side by the unreasoning passion all, refusing several times know whom angel of mind like finally actually have to chase after the girls it is and not would have . (The boy before 20 years old all have this kind of experience mostly, the inmature too one is lovely, if such an idea is then that the brain development is obtuse 25 years old)
6,Take a fancy to a set of suits at 200 yuan, glance right and left and still ask to a waiter: "Is this brand a famous brand? " Reach street little shop buy 5 piece of CDs, ask sell dish: "Is your video disc legal? "
7,MM that oneself likes is " The youth of literature " ,Unless it buy Chinese literature history at once " ", with " world literature history " the each mend malicously,think by this one can finding and languages commons of MM. Show off oneself in front of MM to Pushkin with the view inside the textbook, Yeats, Eliot deep in work " The opinion " . ( again, it is lovely that the boy before 20 years old has such behavior, for example recite in a of mandarin of Yancheng of his in front of the a boy of our university class attentive appearance girl " The jade of black pigment buries flowers " )
8,Platform Miss has a chat first late,Butterfly Brooches| regard young lady as and wander the pure love young girl of the travel fatigue unfortunately with hold, think oneself can save others on two things diametrically opposed to each other, hope, become one's own girl friend attentively after the Miss, pass on days of poverty with oneself. (Become the young lady, mostly only because gluttonous and lazy and greedy for money, ten sentences and nine and a half sentences are lies, that kind of novel has seen the man who holds impractical illusion more not having other words that can be described except naivety)
9,The wishful one thought that fairly cheek of little handsome boy pleasing to the eye could chase the big generally acknowledged beauty to rely on one piece of oneself, return the anger anger indignantly after being refused. In fact people always pursue the thing not one's own, the beauty generally has no interest to this kind of little empty handsome boy in the pocket. Women that the flower is silly are basically all dinosaurs.
10,Little and successful on the undertaking, the immensely proud one got rid of one's own woman to show off before, it think household can rob with head repentant the heartbroken,in fact woman the getting more soft-hearted generally, will come last man hearts lowers hard, it is basically that kindness gives up justice definitely, have not emotion at all. Tin Box Unless you get rich as Bill and Gates, the household will not not have something that regrets because of little achievement of this point of yours. Tin Box For Food


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insist on singly?

How long to insist on singly?

Lin Zhixuan's " single love song " will have satisfied and satisfied the baffled one under a certain state. Just in the coda of the music, iPhone Skina kind of unusual feeling rises suddenly in the abyss of the mind --Lonely or lonely, call pain. There are probably more and more persons of pain now. Development of the society, economic progress, the improvement of culture. The strange land flows more and more frequent. No matter just from the hopeful students graduating from university, or the outside decadent youth who had lived in seclusion in a certain city for a long time, in the coming street at night, is the figure hurriedly everywhere, is the lonely soul everywhere. Single, turn into a kind of state. The either voluntary or helpless moon in the face of the autumn of spring flower, the incomplete star in Japan is rare.
What is meant by the unmarried person? One ordinary definition very, reach certain age but without one's own lover people.
It is the outside population that the unmarried person has a big chunk. The city with developed economy, there is a kind of special appeal, have certain education, having left one's own hometown, in the city that makes noise, there is a job, the overwhelming majority rents the house son. Perhaps they had once had beautiful love, perhaps not have at all times. This part of unmarried persons, are mostly small middle classes, that is to say that can have earned certain income that can support the family, consume, there can also even be certain deposits. The crowd coming and going in the city is numerous, fate is an old vocabulary, moon in water of the love. Single basic reason that time, chance, crowd contacting it all influence the unmarried person to escape.
Other some unmarried persons may still live with parents, they are single, but the kindred can also be with the constantly warm mood. Late nine comes back, parents open the door for them, sit down, steaming hot meal, let the human body be less than puzzled and worries that the single life bring. Certainly, the warmth of this kind of kindred will have cruel side too: Parents sat nearby looking at them loved children, had pity on, sighed suddenly, they will ask, Pullersaunt Li next door introduces a very good person to you tomorrow, have a look? The unmarried person at this time, will feel suddenly meal became flat and insipid quickly.
Except few some unmarried person hold firmly, pass idea for all one's life alone, a most one harbour the illusion love expectation. In the bright-colored and bright street, it is in pairs and on intimate terms to see. Unmarried person can skim over one silk a low-spirited one disconsolate, but hold the head high perhaps in mind, move towards future --Because unmarried persons are all supercilious. The unmarried person has one's own social circles, there is the man that has women. But destined not to produce soul-stirring attraction between men and women. Everybody can be noisy, but have nothing to do with the love forever. When one is in the one's own space, the unmarried person will replace the impetuous idea in the characters or vision, in the graceful plot, realize a person's excellence.
After being over 25, mood of the unmarried person a bit more terrified things. In the unit, in the face of colleague's well-meaning inquiry: You do not have ? The calm and confident psychology can also keep while just beginning, it is long, will make and hate in the heart.Metal zipper Hate the colleague's good will, it is unable to be calm to hate one's own one at the same time. Then, in a certain chance, enter into an antiquated scene --Blindly date. That is really a well-meaning joke, the woman applies some foundation cream in front of the mirror stealthily, have thin lipstick, eye shadow affirm, have pearly-lustre result, because can so as to recover young posture like that; The man ties ties, the leather shoes have been already very bright, but has wiped again with the cloth, subconscious standing up, it's a pity, a little crooked. Have met, not so constrained and awkwardly silent as too much one. Everybody is the tacit familiarity. Can seldom have the final say on the spot --Have already to fall in love at first sight seemed weak. Thin departure, although has left the telephone number, has not sent again. Get back to one's own residence, open CD, find one's excellence much more comfortable than the meeting just now.
Either supercilious or cold and detached or helpless or expect, the unmarried person is unable to smile to see the life passes, at each night when is full of illusion, the music dissolves and enters soul to soar with the wings of night, ignorant and vivid.
How long to still insist on singly on earth?
This question does not have precise answer, will seem sad and helpless because of answering.
It is a good vocabulary to charge, the undertaking is a good pretext, fate is a wonderful explanation too. If you must question, then, the unmarried person will say with a smile, one day in the future, always last one day.
No matter by what kind of way lives, no matter is single or not, what we pursued is these two words forever: " happy " . Everybody have happiness in the sense, heart will sweet, this moment most fragile and tall and big a when most too. Often accompanied by the commitment quietly when can feel happy. Wish eagerly to forgive, dare to offer, how to do? The right to choose is in your hand.
Where is it happy? mp4 speakers Happy in our heart, happy in our smile
Friend, are you single now? Are you happy?

under the weather


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brush the tongue

Often brush the tongue and can help you to defend halitosis

U.S.A. health24.com websites have articles that point out, the person of halitosis brushes tooth two times at least every day recently, brush the tongue at the same time, help to reduce the emergence of halitosis like this.

Under tongue root and tongue is all the hiding-place that the bacterium favors, and there are a lot of bacteria in the tongue fur, some are still the pathogen, besides being able to cause halitosis, is the immediate cause which initiates the oral cavity or periodontitis too, through the cleanness of the tooth brush hair, these bacteria can well be eliminated. Brushing the tongue should select the soft toothbrush with good elasticity for use, brush to the lip of the tongue for more than 10 times from the tongue root. Movement efforts should not be big, so as not to damage the tongue and organize. In addition, the inboard wall of oral cavity needs to carry on timing, appropriate cleanness too.

In addition, eat spicy food or drinking, coffee,etc. while having a dinner, will all cause halitosis, because bacteria can be bred in the food in a large amount, must gargle after having a dinner, prevent the food from remaining among the tooth. If is unable to gargle, can lighten the puzzlement that the smell remains in the mouth by method of drinking more water. Need to pay attention to, use the mouthwash to have certain results in preventing halitosis, but only valid in a short time, moreover, the mouthwash containing alcohol will make halitosis become more serious instead. If wear denture, it will be probably sources of the peculiar smell of oral cavity that should pay attention to them, wash the denture completely frequently, prevent the food residue storing up among them from initiating halitosis. Chew the peppermint or diet chewing gum, facilitate relieving the peculiar smell of oral cavity.

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